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Aston Martin DB MkIII Drop Head Coupé

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The Aston Martin DB MkIII is the final version of the DB2 and DB2/4 series cars manufactured by Aston Martin between May 1950 and July 1959.
The total series production of all cars manufactured over that period, in all variants, amounted to just over 1800 cars, with a total of 544 DB MKIII being manufactured between March 1957, when the car was launched, and July 1959, nominally one year after the launch of its successor , the DB4. Of tis total, 85 Drop Head Coupes were made and of these no more than 14 were fitted with the Special Series DBD engine, of which this is an example.
The MKIII is the final manifestation of the Claude Hill designed chassis and WO Bentley designed engine and therefore was brought up to date with a number of important changes. Of these the most significant included: Major improvements to the engine design to strengthen the Cylinder Block and to improve breathing, major changes to cylinder head design to extract more power. Other numerous smaller changes were incorporated to improve reliability, including major improvement to the lubrication system. All of these changes were introduced under Tadek Marek, who had become Chief Engine designer in 1956.

Breaking was significantly enhanced through the introduction of Girling front disc brakes. An overdrive option was introduced for the first time in an Aston Martin, thereby significantly enhancing long distance cruising and fuel efficiency.

Changes to the body design incorporated design concepts originally used by the DB3S and cleverly introduced to the MkIII by Frank Feeley. These changes also included introducing the classic Aston Martin Instrument panel that was to be used in all subsequent DB4 to 6 cars manufactured throughout the 60s. Many feel that the appearances of the MkIII, together with the above chassis improvements make this model of choice off all Feltha manufactured cars.

As with all DB2 and 2/4 cars, the chassis was manufactured by another subsidiary of David Browns ar Farsley in Yorkshire, with engine and car assembly at Feltham. All of the MkIII bodies were made by Tickfords at Newport Pagnel. Service support was retained at felt ham but on cessation of MkIII production, the Feltham site was given up and thereafter, all Aston Martin manufacture, assembly and servie support was centered at Newport Pagnel.